Group Yoga Classes

One-to-One Yoga Classes

Group Yoga Classes
  • Ash-Tec House
  • £6 drop in
  • Please contact before attending to check availability
Private Group Yoga Classes
  • Maximum 3 people (cost increases per person)
  • 60 mins - £50/60/70
  • 90 mins - £70/80/90

A variety of classes (Hatha, Hatha Flow, Vinyasa Flow, Alignment Flow) taught to groups of up to 30 students (studio size dependent).  Classes are delivered for all levels, with modifications and variations provided so that all students can find stability and comfort in the asanas (poses).  Meditation and pranayama (energy control) are also taught, to provide a full sadhana (practise) and experience for the students.

A one to one, private yoga session is beneficial for beginner and established practitioners.  For beginners, it allows you to develop confidence and understanding in the fundamental aspects of yoga asana (postures), as well as establishing modifications and use of props to support your practise in a group class setting.  For established practitioners, reviewing your fundamentals is key to maintaining a strong and honest practise.  Over time, as with anything, we pick up bad habits, and therefore need to come back to a slower, more intuitive pace.  During the one to one, you can explore new asanas, as well as develop a deeper understanding of the subtle energetics of the practise, which can be difficult to feel during the group class.

Thai massage

Children's Yoga

  • Location flexible
  • £30 for 60 minutes
  • £40 for 90 minutes
  • Currently delivering within the school setting
  • Please contact for more details.

Thai massage involves the compression of energy lines and points in the body, as well as deep tissue massage and body movement manipulation.  Thai massage can help support healing of physical ailments, as well as more subtle illnesses / discomforts relating to our mental and emotional well being.

Children's Yoga is about children having the opportunity to explore the potential of their physical body, as well as using it, as a meditation in motion to find balance and comfort.  Children's Yoga uses story telling as a means for the child to create a relationship with their physical body and develop key skills such as agility, strength, flexibility and coordination.  Through the story telling process, the child engages their attention on the story-line (conscious mind), whilst being invited to use their imagination and creativity (sub-conscious mind).  This processes of physical movement and cognitive engagement activates all areas of the brain, helping to develop a state of deep relaxation and focus.  Throughout the session, the emphasis is on play and enjoyment, as well as respect and compassion.