Shelley Aspden – Bio

Whilst recovering from cancer, I began practising yoga, as a form of physical rehabilitation, with no idea of what yoga actually was. As my practise developed, I started to feel a shift in the way I was physically and mentally feeling. I started to think and act differently but without knowing why. My lifestyle changed, gradually, moving away from excess and indulgence, towards more healthier choices. I still couldn’t pinpoint why. There was something niggling at me deep inside. So for the first time ever, I listened, I actually listened and began on my journey of self exploration.

Over the last 5 years my passion for health, nutrition, exercise and the outdoor life has enhanced alongside my enthusiasm for sattva, balance. I’m an avid hiker, cyclist, runner and adventurer, always open to the possibilities of a new challenge. Along side my love of nature and the abundance that it provides, is my interest and passion for spirituality and esoteric science. This connection and understanding of spiritual practices has allowed me to understand that I create my own happiness from within. This has helped me to take responsibility for all the challenges I have faced in my life. The frustration, blame and anger I felt in the past has now transformed into acceptance, contentment and gratitude.

My journey is in its infancy but I try each day to live life with self acceptance for myself and compassionand patience for everyone and everything. Each day provides new challenges which regularly create fluctuations within me, however, with time and sensitivity I’m starting to see the patterns of my behaviour and the affect of relationships within and around me.

Education and Training:

  • 500 Hours Advanced TTC – Tribe Yoga, Austria
  • Raja Yoga 1st Module of the Advanced TTC – Magic Pond, Seoul
  • 1 month intensive Tantric Hatha – Agama, Thailand
  • Raja Yoga 200 Hours TTC – Magic Pond, Seoul
  • Assistant Teacher, 200 Hours TTC – Tribe Yoga, India
  • 200 Hours TTC – Tribe Yoga, India
  • Level 2 Thai Massage Trained Therapist – Chiang Mai, Thailand

Shelley’s CV: