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Bhoga Yoga is a community of like minded individuals who want to practice yoga asana, meditation and pranayama delivered with the attitude of conscious enjoyment.

Shelley Aspden

Shelley is currently teaching a range of classes at The Ministry of Yoga in Crewe, Cheshire:

Monday to Friday: 7am – 8am Breakfast Club
– Alignment flow
– Open to all
– £6 drop in, monthly membership for discounted rates

Monday: 7:15pm to 8:15pm
– Hatha Vinyasa flow
– Open to all
– £6 drop in, monthly membership for discounted rates

Wednesday: 7:15pm to 8:15pm
– Hatha yoga w/ props
– Open to all levels
– Booking essential – contact Shelley for details
– £6 drop in, monthly membership for discounted rates

Shelley Aspden

Workshops and Retreats

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Himalayan Yoga Retreat

Experience the tranquility, beauty and abundance that Mother Nature has to offer during this two week retreat in the stunning surroundings of The Himalayas. Breathe in the fresh, crisp air each...

 August 12, 2017


  • Shelley is a rare gem with a beautiful soul – a yoga instructor who will support you on your journey of self discovery.  She has a wonderful way of making (what sometimes can be overwhelming) the spiritual, philosophical and practical elements that is yoga into something obtainable.

    Sorcha Rattigan


  • Shelley is a nurturing and generous person as well as a natural teacher.   I’ve loved attending her yoga classes and workshops and feel so grateful to have been able to share, learn and grow in my yoga practice with her. She has a thorough and deep knowledge of yoga, anatomy, breathing and meditative practice which she takes delight in sharing.  Her compassion and sense of humor create a unique collective spirit in class and an encouraging environment in which to grow and learn.  She is incredibly patient and supportive in class and a true inspiration 🙂  

    Kerry Meyer

    South Africa

  • Shelley has a beautiful spirit. Her workshops strengthened my own practice and encouraged me as a teacher. It's been a privilege to learn from her. Even after we moved from the area, Shelley is still kind enough to reach out and provide advice and resources. (I also adore her accent). Much love to Shelley and Bhoga Yoga.

    Kelly Mendoza

    South Korea

  • Since finishing my yoga teacher's training course, I found myself a little bit stuck.  I happened to meet Shelley in a yoga group and began attending her workshops.  They are phenomenal!!  Her teaching style was enough instruction but plenty of quiet as well, and she helped reinvigorate my practice.  While I haven't been able to get to the last few workshops due to other commitments, I still find her teaching and resources to be invaluable.  Thank you!!

    Lauren Bowling

    South Korea

  • We feel very fortunate to have met Shelley and to experience her classes. Her thorough planning of each class, her knowledge of anatomy, the chakra system and the way she explains each posture in detail gives us the confidence to trust that we are in safe hands during challenging flows and sequences.  Her passion for yoga and striving to always advance her practice is infectious.  Her classes are the highlight to our week which have strengthened and nourished our personal practice and our overall understanding of yoga.

    Andy & Suzie Webster


  • Shelley is so wonderful. She has much patience and is willing to listen. I don't know how she does it with her schedule and responsibilities, but she makes it a point to be present for students and friends alike and does so passionately, engaged, but without losing herself; compassionate but remaining objective; humble but with humour.

    William Butterbrodt

    South Korea

  • I really felt that you catered more for the beginners without compromising the workout for the more advanced folks. I felt challenged but not out of my depth as I did before. I felt really comfortable and relaxed throughout the whole session and couldn't believe how time flies. Your passion for Yoga shines through every part of you and we can't help but get excited about it too.

    Bronwyn Greenshields

    South Africa

  • It was my first Yoga class. I would really love to learn more and want to come more regularly, as a physio I can see the positive impact that yoga has on the body. I must say that I was very impressed with your overall knowledge of body mechanics and the muscle groups. Your passion definitely shines through and your interest in yoga is contagious.

    Billy Seungmin

    South Korea

  • If you ever get the chance to take a class or workshop from Shelley - no hesitation, do it! She has a deep understanding of asana and anatomy as well as yoga philosophy. Her passion for yoga is contagious and the positive energy you'll feel from her classes will leave you coming back for more.

    Christie Hemen

  • Attending the Yoga workshop with Shelley was such a gift. I left the class feeling a profound sense of joy, gratitude and accomplishment. I felt very supported in the class through information - learning things about postures I had never been told before, learning variations I had not been shown before and importantly. Why? Shelley carefully highlighted the essence of yoga in a very accessible, yet profound way - always connecting the physical with the spiritual, and always reminding us to be where we are in our practise.

    Cindy Bruce Lee Smith

    Seoul, South Korea

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